What Should Government do Whilst Lockdown?

While the whole country is on a lockdown, it is a really good time forthe government to do things, they couldn't do otherwise.

If we talk about Karachi, specifically, there are many amendments that this city needs. From sewerage lines to broken roads, there are many things that need to be fixed. But usually, there is a havoc in the city of lights, and things can’t happen. Because we, ourselves, are irresponsible citizens, who care least about our very own city. But as the city is on a lockdown right now, our government can take some steps.

Amid the lockdown all over the country, especially in Sindh, it shouldn’t be difficult for the city management to look after the city. There are many gutters all around the city which needs cleaning. While people are working from home and people aren’t coming out, this is something that is fixable, meanwhile. Moreover, there are uneven, broken roads all around the city. You can’t find one single place in Karachi, where you can say, that the roads are even and smooth here. While only 5-10% of the population is hardly commuting in Karachi right now, such roads are easily fixable.


And again, it wouldn’t take much labor to do the work. If the labor is paid well and paid on time, those who are sleeping with empty stomach during lockdown might be able to buy some food.

Our government should work upon managing things at the moment. However, the provincial government has been doing their work only fighting coronavirus, the city government doesn’t have much to do. If KMC does some work during this time, living would be a bit more easier for the people of Karachi.

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