Cyclone AMPHAN Hits Indian & Bangladeshi Coast

Cyclone AMPHAN, that started developing around back in mid of May 2020, has changed in to something really severe and has started destruction in India and Bangladesh already.

Around 15th May 2020, Cyclone AMPHAN started developing in the Indian Ocean near the Bay of Bengal. This is the first Tropical Cyclone of 2020 in the Indian Ocean. On 17th May, the Cyclone gained speed really quickly and transformed into a CAT-2 cyclone with a wind speed of 80 knots. However, in just simply 18 hours, the Cyclone gained pace and transformed from CAT-1 to CAT-5. This was a rapid and sudden change in the intensity of the storm, making it the most powerful cyclone ever. It beat the last year faced top of the chart cyclone, Cyclone Kyarr.

As for now, the cyclone has already made a landfall, and has started hitting different parts of India and Bangladesh. It hit India’s Digha area, around 4 p.m cutting off electricity and wiping people along with it. The cyclone AMPHAN was expected to hit the country, hence precautionary measures were already taken. But what could even one do in such grave conditions when the country is already fighting COVID-19. According to India’s Cheif Meteorologist, “The next 24 hours are very crucial”.

After hitting the land, the storm has come down to CAT-3 from CAT-5, however, still remains as intense as it could have been. It still is a threat to hundreds of life out there, be it in Bangladesh or India. However, Pakistan faces or will be facing no direct or indirect threat from this cyclone. It is quite a hard time over India and Bangladesh and both the countries will have to fight AMPHAN & COVID-19 together. May God help those who are in need of help at the moment.

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