Khalilzad Asks to Bring Peace in Afghanistan

US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has talked to the Taliban and the Kabul government, and has demanded the same thing from both. Peace in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has become a warzone since the US entered Afghanistan in 2001. The fights, wars, and skirmishes between the US, Afghan Govt & Taliban seem to be never-ending. Where in one place the US has invested around 6 Trillion Dollars in Afghanistan, there Afghanistan too has lost many lives owing to war against the US. At the end of the day, both had nothing to be proud of. The war still continues, however, the mediators had tried to mediate the situation, but all in vain. Regardless of everything, in February a meeting was set between the US, Afghan Govt, and Taliban and came t a mutual decision.


According to the deal made in February, the US had to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, and the Taliban had to promise peace. Moreover, Taliban members had to be freed by the government and the US. Khalilzad had a meeting with the Taliban in Doha. He said “‪On violence, I told the Taliban, violence by all sides must fall”. Well, only if they would listen to it ever.

If the peace-talks would ever go well and the two look forward towards peace, Afghanistan can be in a better position. Afghanistan needs peace to grow. Rather than growing, it needs to get back at the pace of being run under a proper government. Eid is just around the corner, and the Taliban are looking for something beneficial before that. I doubt the US will make any good out of this situation, but if they do, things might change for Afghanistan.

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