Dalda’s Event About #MeriAwaz

Why Do People Take Actions For The Unknown Reactions

Team Runway Pakistan was invited to attend Dalda’s event yesterday that was held at the Mövenpick hotel, Karachi. That event was held to shower acknowledgement to the society that how a mother compromises and sacrifices for her children, especially for her daughters but in the end, it is the society that stops their daughters from growing. The aim of the campaign is to create a difference by giving special acknowledgement to all the mothers of Pakistan.

A lot of celebrities were present at the event including Samina Peerzada, Aamina Sheikh, Sarwat Gilani, Nadia Hussain and Usman Khan; marketing director of Dalda. The bunch of empowered women had a panel discussion with Ayesha Noor and as per its conclusion, the message that they want to deliver to society is quite mesmerizing. Our society plans to empower women but not as much as they empower men. It is not only about empowerment but it is all about body shaming. When it comes to a boy, they nearly ignore the figure of a boy. Why do we point out things for improvement within a girl’s figure only? Can we not give them their own pace to grow. Most of the girls are recommended not to eat too much or else they’ll turn fat. They’re told off not to roam around under the sun or else their complexion would turn darker and aunties wouldn’t consider them as their daughter in law. Aren’t girls equally as humans as boys are? Girls are super talented and they can overcome all the expectations. It’s just about a chance which they themselves refrain from having because, “Loug Kia Kahenge?”

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