Disney just released the first teaser trailer for the live action Lion King

Walt Disney Studios just released Disney's live-action remake of the beloved classic The Lion King.

Walt Disney Studios just released Disney’s live-action remake of the beloved classic The Lion King and people everywhere are OBSESSED.

Set to come out in the summers of 2019, the film boasts a magnificent cast which includes Beyonce (Nala), Seth Rogan (Pumbaa) and even Donald Glover (Simba).

The trailer opens to the familiar moment where Rafiki presents a young Simba to the animals of the Pride Lands.



Old school fans were especially pleased to find out that the trailer was narrated by the sound-actor who plays King Mufasa in the original movies; James Earl Jones.

This trailer is quite literally just ABSOLUTE perfection, and people agree.

This Tweeter just basically put everything going through our minds right now in words.

This is truly exciting times for Hollywood, with the successful screening of live action Jungle Book and now this coming up. The next year’s July is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster.