Doing Pedicure At Home Has Never Been This Easy!

Do you know what people, generally, notice in your personality? Your feet! It goes without saying that a well-groomed person becomes the eye-candy of all, but the research has proved that our feet fail to maintain first-expressions.

We all don’t want to spend money filthily on parlors and salons, on pedicures upon pedicures and manicures upon manicures to look good. It just doesn’t seem practical at all. This is why, here are six easy steps to do pedicure at home:

SOAK: Firstly, soak your feet in water. Fill a tub with warm water and add a good quality soap of your preference. Now dip your feet into water and let them soak for a span of 2 to 5 minutes.

FILE: After you are done soaking for the mentioned amount of time, take a foot file and start scrubbing your feet. Ideally, you should focus more on rougher areas to tend to.

FOOT SCRUB: Remove the dead skin with scrubbing; now is the time to exfoliate. Take a well-known foot scrub and exfoliate your feet, closing the pores in return.

SHAPE: All the nails that were getting out of your hand or feet probably, are now to be tripped, clipped, filed and shaped. Use cuticle oil to get rid of germs, and take a nail brush to clean the inside of your nails. When completed, rinse and dry them.

MOISTURIZE: The basics have been done, but a little pampering adds value to pedicure. Massage with a foot cream all over your feet and lower legs. Keep the movement of your hand circular in motion.

NAIL POLISH: Polish and shine your nail to get a diva look. Apply a base coat, two coats of nail colour and a final clear top court to add shine.