Dolmen Family Narrates Stories of Tradition, Culture and Gifting


Dolmen Mall has a prestigious image when it comes to celebrating festivities
throughout the year. This Ramadan, Dolmen Mall brought the community together to reveal happiness,
accomplishment, values, emotions, love and togetherness, all under one roof to create a positive social
In collaboration with top-notch brands Khaadi, BabyShop, OUP, McDonald’s, and Sindbad, the Dolmen
The family shared pre-Eid smiles with 70 high achieving students from The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) an
initiative of Dolmen Cares. The recreational and educational trip around the mall with celebrities like
Asaad Ahmed, Kashmir Band, and volunteers of participating brands spread smiles on the faces of TCF
students who achieved top scores last academic year. The student’s academic resolve was rewarded
through an ‘on the house’ shopping spree for their Eid outfits, iftaar, surprise gifts and fun time at
Throughout Ramadan, Dolmen mall was tastefully embellished to reflect the culture, tradition and
festivities with a special Eid Bazaar, tantalizing iftaar and sehri deals and hosted the coveted Dolmen Eidi that gifted Eid baskets to shopping winners of daily draws during Ramadan shopping at Dolmen.
Additionally, a unique collaboration with Karachi Chefs at Home (KCH); a popular woman-centric
The Facebook group encouraged participation in an “Eid Ki Mithaas” contest. Delicacies prepared by more
than 50 passionate home-based chefs from all over Karachi, prepared desserts at home and brought
them to the jury at the mall’s food court where they were judged on presentation, taste and creative
use of ingredients. While the winners received Grand Eidi Baskets, all the delicacies in Eid ki Mithaas
baskets and platters were distributed to mall management and brand partner stores a day before Eid to
show gratitude for the immense hospitality and effort throughout Ramadan at Dolmen.
Naureen A Khan, General Manager of Marketing, Dolmen Mall stated: “The feeling is always prodigious
when you become the reason for someone’s joy. We feel honored with the overwhelming customer
response this Ramadan. At Dolmen, our aim is to celebrate love and harmony throughout the year but it
is an immense triumph of Dolmen Family to make people have ‘Ramadan at Dolmen’ memories etched
in their hearts”