e-Magine Launches Robotic Kits in Pakistan

e-Magine's latest line of educational products introduced in Pakistan include robotic kits with STEM resources to help children #DARETOEMAGINE!

e-Magine has always provided people of all ages platforms where they can gain technological education. They have launched various interactive and engaging workshops, seminars, and events to help their audience understand the essence of entrepreneurship and to #DARETOEMAGINE. e-Magine’s latest line of products introduced in Pakistan includes educational robotic kits with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) resources.

More about e-Magine Educational Robotic Kits in Pakistan

e-Magine has introduced 4 educational robotic kits in Pakistan for children. These kits are mostly geared towards children from ages 6 to 16, and combine the core subjects of STEM with robotics. With these educational robot kits from e-Magine, students #DaretoeMagine and learn concepts by creating models.

e-Magine Junior Robotics Set

The Junior Robotics Set by eMagine is targeted towards children of the ages 5 to 8 enrolled in Kindergarten and Early Primary School. The plastic tub contains many colorful Engino and Qboidz plastic parts, and allow kids to construct 8 different models.

e-Magine 90 in 1 Models Motorized Set

With 90 in 1 Models Motorized Set, you have the potential of building 90 models that can set into motion with a 3V motor. The set is geared towards children aged 6 to 14 years old.

The set includes a Balance scale and a Grabber with parallel linkages; a Cart, a Catapult, a See-saw and a Wheelbarrow for learning about levers; a Well for wheels and axles; a House for learning about the importance of triangulation in structures and much more!

e-Magine ERP MINI Expandable Robotics Platform

ERP MINI Expandable Robotics Platform

The Expandable Robotic Platform (ERP) is designed for children from ages 8 to 16, as it allows children to innovate and regularly reconstruct their ideas. It includes 10 models to construct and includes a free app to view 3D models.

e-Magine STEM and Robotics Pro Single Set

STEM & Robotics PRO Single Set Version 2

The STEM & Robotics PRO education set by e-Magine is specially designed for late Primary and Secondary school students of ages 8-15. The set allows the children to create 34 STEM models. Furthermore, it includes PRO controller, RJ cables, one Touch sensor, two InfraRed sensors, three Motors, five LED lights, and a USB cable.

Seeing as the government has delayed opening schools due to COVID-19, these models provide a form of engagement from children that is not completely dependent on mobile phones and television. As children in Pakistan #DaretoeMagine, they let their creativity flow and learn more about technology in the age of innovation with e-Magine’s educational robotic kits!


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