Easy Breezy Hairstyles To Don This Spring Season!

Delicate Appliques 

A defining moment for all trends to prelude is NYFW. Hair accessories made a major statement for a variety of hair looks this fashion week and its to be followed in the seasons to come, even off the runway!

Whether it be curled, straight or even a messy wavy look the hair accessories make every look standout. A variety of pins and clips help form this look. Frontal bangs and fringes and pulled back with pins. Though simple, it creates a major impact.


Twisted braids are the new in thing. Less effort and equally chic as those waterfall braids which take an ample of time to form.

A gorgeous alternative to regular braids. The trick is to start off with a tight high pony and then dividing the hair into two sections and twisting them in clockwise and anti-clockwise motions respectively and securing it with a clear elastic at the end.

Low-bun updo

As the weather has taken a turn, so has the choice of hairstyles. An effortless updo, which is informal and wearable on the daily.

A quick fuss-free way to get this done is to make a low ponytail and circling it at the ends and securing them through bobby pins and transparent elastic bands