Eat Well, Feel Well – Core Gym’s In-house Cafe

Core Cafe!

The very idea of having an in-house cafe at a gym may seem to be cruel at a glance, as not many of us can resist the temptations of gluttony after an intense workout.  Only, you don’t have to, in case of Core cafe as it luckily offers truly wholesome meals, where each entree and beverage is designed to support our fitness goals and enhance our performance at Core.  The menu is loaded with an array of nutritious bites & sips that are just as delish or more so, than their naughtier counterparts at other places in the city.

Treat yourself to fresh coffee,  seasonal fruit juices and pre-workout / post-workout power-packed smoothies and protein shakes. If you’re a morning exerciser, you won’t wish to have your breakfast any place else once you’ve had the taste of Core cafe’s equally scrumptious & nutritious range of omelets with premium multigrain breads, muesli, fruit bowls and flour-less pancakes. Over the day too, you can choose from their selection of vitamins loaded salad bowls, sandwiches & wraps.

Why is it such a task to eat nutritiously abundant food that feeds your body & your soul a lot more efficiently and holistically?

The mantra of Core café is that since ‘You are What You Eat’, why not operate sustainably and consciously choose quality, real food over processed, packaged alternatives and live better, fitter, healthier!

At Core cafe, you’re encouraged to strike a healthier relationship with food – and see it as an integral source to fuel your body & soul. Their offerings are responsibly sourced as consuming real foods at the cafe powers us! They advocate to relish seasonal fruits & vegetables and everything they prepare start as real, whole food with the best, freshest available.

Core Cafe Teaches You to Take Charge of Your Lives

Even though the power of eating well is becoming more widely known, unhealthy, processed food still continues to dominate our food experiences. The team at Core is passionate about helping everyone take charge of their lives, encouraging them to wisely choose what they consume.

The welcoming plush decor, the lively music and the countrywide famous panoramic view of city Karachi adds all the more value to the cafe’s bounties and a perfect spot to start conversations about how awesome it feels to indulge in real food. Core cafe flamboyantly promotes the power of clean-eating to improve our threshold over challenging workout regimens.

What you eat on a daily basis becomes your performance enhancer, eventually. Whatever your goals in the various walks of your life may be, your energy levels and results are a product of what you eat. At Core cafe, you’re presented with the luxury to promote your unlimited peak performance and take that learning home to continue benefiting from it, making it a habit to eat well and live better!