Essential Clutch Must Haves For Brides For The Upcoming Wedding Season

These items should be available at your wedding without a doubt to make sure you are ready for any possible mishap from stains or sweating.

With wedding season right around the corner, brides of this wedding season may be looking for tips and tricks to make their wedding day go smoothly.

One of the most essential parts of a wedding outfit is the clutch or pouch, it is not just important to complete the desi wedding outfit but also because of what is inside it.

Some brides may want to have their essentials close at hand and choose to get a matching pouch, while other brides may choose to offer their bridesmaid a wedding day emergency pack. Whatever your preference, you’ll want to be able to quickly access essentials in case you have to retouch your makeup look or deal with an emergency fashion crisis.

If you decide to carry a purse on your wedding day, there are many attractive choices. But don’t worry if you’re worried about finding your handbag during the day. Request that it be kept by a specific individual, such as your mother or the maid of honour.

1. Lip Balm and Lipstick

It is important to keep your lips hydrated so try and use lip balm often and once you have your makeup on try to keep a lipstick shade similar to what you or your MUA chooses for your look. You will be eating food and drinking sodas or water throughout to keep you hydrated. Plus it is just easy to have lipstick to touch on with throughout the long event. And lip balm will be a saviour if you feel your lips drying due to lipstick.

2. Compact mirror

There is nothing worse than spending the entire day socialising with people only to discover you have a piece of food or lipstick on your teeth. Carry a small mirror just in case to double-check. And although we believe your husband or your bridesmaid or family will point out any stray makeup after you’ve shed tears, it’s unlikely that you’ll have time to hurry to the restroom every few minutes to inspect yourself in the mirror.

3. Gum or mints

But you will be socialising and chit-chatting the entire time. Make sure your mouth is fresh between those chats. The guests will be coming up to you on stage and you will have to entertain every single one. If anything, after munching on anything which includes garlic, onions or something which may smell bad or leave a horrible aftertaste, you’ll feel less self-conscious if you have gum or mints in your emergency kit.

4. Powerbank

You’ll would really like to ensure your battery doesn’t run out given the possibility that you (or your bridesmaids) may be taking pictures and Boomerangs on your phone all evening long. You won’t miss any of the Instagram – worthy moments of your wedding day if you keep a power bank in your purse, you will be able to capture all the moments from the dances and late-night cake cutting, to the joota chupai.

5. Tissues

It is no secret that on your wedding day, you’ll probably cry (perhaps more than once). Include tissues or a handkerchief so you may blot both your and your family’s tears if necessary. Plus if you get food or drink on your clothes you can wipe it off right away to prevent staining.

6. Stain remover stick

Just as a caution it is helpful if you keep a stain remover stick especially if you opt for a light colour dress on your day. Weddings can be messy from kids dropping food and drinks on the floor or you trying to save your lipstick from getting ruined and by mistake dropping food. Sweating is very common in wedding clothes as they are quite heavy and so many people are on stage at all times to take care of the bride and groom.

7. Safety Pins

You’ll be in constant motion the entire day starting the moment you throw your wedding lehenga on. There’s a potential that you might experience a mishap while hugging your loved ones and busting out your finest dance routines. Make sure your wedding day clutch contains a few safety pins so that your bridesmaid or your mother may quickly mend an unanticipated mishap.

8. Panadol

Talking, dancing or having an updo with thousands of bobby pins stuck in your hair is going to make you have a headache which is why panadol is a must-have. Not only that the dupatta of a desi wedding outfit is quite heavy and holding it on your head the whole day from the photoshoot till 1 to 2 pm when the event ends is a headache and definitely requires a panadol.

9. Blotting sheets or powder

This is especially important for warm-weather outdoor weddings in the spring and summer but also a must-have for winters. Regardless of how flawless your makeup is, you’ll be moving, carrying a heavy dress and probably perspiring (unfortunately). Have blotting sheets or powder on hand for touch-ups to maintain your best appearance and prevent any unsightly sheen in photos.

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