Humayun Saeed Will Be Seen As Dr Hasnat Khan in The Crown

Humayun Saeed is finally opening up about his role in the famous Netflix series "The Crown." He got to do a real workshop with a UK surgeon for the role.

Finally able to discuss his role in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Crown, which is about to release its fifth season and is centred on the history of the British royal family, is Humayun Saeed.

He couldn’t for the longest time. Humayun never even explicitly stated that he was a part of the show. When fans in London noticed him, there was speculation that he would be featured in it. Finally, the news was released by Icon among others, although without any official denial from him. Humayun is always known by Urdu-speaking viewers because he is one of Pakistan’s most successful producers and one of the country’s longest-serving starring males.

It is therefore a relief to see him finally grinning and speaking in complete words as he starts to talk about his worldwide debut in one of the most prestigious original shows in the world.

Dr Hasnat Khan, a British-Pakistanian surgeon who had a two-year affair with the deceased Princess Diana, will be portrayed by Humayun. His metamorphosis is astounding, as seen by the recently published first look at his on-screen persona.

Humayun is hardly recognisable because The Crown’s creators are renowned for their meticulous attention to detail. An unpretentious, sombre physician who the Princess would describe as “Mr Wonderful” has taken the role of the desi hero who was on a mission to win the heart of his lady love and indulged in some dance and song along the way.

Humayun Saeed claims that Hamid Hussain, who is currently his talent agent, called him first. He got in touch with him previously to cast Bollywood diva Nargis Fakhri in his movie. He used to manage Nargis. Since then, they have remained in touch.

“One evening I got a call from him and he informed me that there was a really important international project that he had in mind for me but I would need to send an audition for it. I only remember auditioning for the first few projects at the start of my career but I know this is a norm in the West and agreed to it.”

In order to better grasp how a surgeon might act and respond in the field, he says, “Before filming began, I got to do a workshop with a real surgeon in the UK to understand how a surgeon would behave and react on the job. Of course, I knew about Dr Hasnat Khan even before I got this role. After my casting was confirmed, the team shared research material with me on the doctor. It included a few interviews as well as some images.

Dr Hasnat Khan is very quiet, which is why he and Princess Diana broke up because he couldn’t stand the spotlight. As a result, there isn’t much information in the public domain about him. He had to carefully consider all that was communicated to him.

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