Essential Items Every Women Should Have In Her Bag

There are somethings that a woman should never leave without. We all carry a handbag with us when heading out, so you basically have no excuse to leave these essentials behind. We women can run into some unexpected trouble and that is why we need to be prepared for it.

What do you need? Here is a quick list for you:


In this sweat, you are bound to sweat and that’s not cute. Take a small perfume with you for all those smelly problems.


Just in case you get a cut or something like.


For fresh breath or even when you just want something to chew.

Hand Sanitizer

Gotta keep those germs away!


Your lipstick’s not going to remain the same after having a meal (no matter how long lasting it says it is), so you gotta have some in your purse for a quick touch up.

Blotting Sheets

We all get oily during the day and having some blotting sheets can really make a difference.

Lady Stuff

You know what we’re talking about, right ladies? Never leave the house without them!


Can’t go out without money, right?

Do you have all that stuff in your handbag? If not, you better thank us for giving you this list!