Ever Wondered Why Meghan Markle Always Wears Blue?

If you’ve been following Meghan Markle’s style ever since she became a royal, you will note that she wears a lot of navy blue. While on tour, she wore two different navy blue outfits consecutively and left us all wondering why she loves that color so much?

When the internet started talking about this, Karen Haller, an Applied Color Psychology Specialist stepped in and said:

“When it comes to the psychology of color, blue relates to the mind. Darker blues relate to trust, logic and knowledge. It communicates duty and professionalism and given it’s a more approachable color than black, maybe why she wore this hue often on her recent 16-day royal tour down under.”

Does all this make sense to you? Who knew color had such an important part in our subconscious mind! What’s your favorite color to wear? Mine would be blue, black and pink!