Family Disassociates with Qavi: No Longer a Mufti

After the video of TikTok star, Hareem Shah, slapping Mufti Qavi went viral. His family has disassociated with him and stripped him of his title.

Mufti Qavi, who is infamous for his associations with TikTok star Hareem Shah, and the late Qandeel Baloch has recently been locked in isolation by his family. They have disassociated with him and restricted his movement by locking him in one room.

Abdul (Mufti?) Qavi has found himself in the spotlight yet again after he was slapped by TikTok star Hareem Shah who, in a video, can be seen slapping him because of indecent behavior. Hareem Shah further blamed him for sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviors.

Moreover, addressing a press conference, Mufti Qavi’s uncle, Abdul Wahid Nadeem claimed that Abdul Qavi has been wrongfully used by multiple people simply to gain media attention. “We are from a respected family involved in religious teaching through Darul Uloom Obaidia in Multan. We are doing the sacred task without any sectarian divide,” he said.

“With a heavy heart, I announce that we have withdrawn the title of Mufti (scholar) from him. He should not be addressed as Mufti anymore as he has damaged our family and its respect. We have seized his mobile phones and now he is under treatment for the mental illness he is suffering from,” he said declaring that he has stripped Abdul Qavi from his title as Mufti.

Dr. Hafiz Abdul Kabir, a personal physician of the scholar, said former Mufti, Abdul Qavi’s “thoughts were not in his control. Now we will try to keep him away from the public eye. He has been isolated in his house,” he said.

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