Hassan Wins International Quran Recital Competition

The International Quran Recital Competition took place recently in December 2020, Hassan Ali Kasi, a Qari from Quetta was awarded the 1st prize!

Hassan Ali Kasi, a student from Quetta, has managed to win the international Quran recital competition (Siraj Al-Kabeer) held in Afghanistan.

Hassan is known as a prolific Qari of the Quran, who has been excelling in the fields of religious studies since 2017 when he became the youngest reciter of the Holy Book. Later leading on to winning the international Quran recital competition.

Hassan was just eight years old when he embarked on his stately career, gaining recognition for his exceptional memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran skills which eventually lead to him winning the international Quran recital competition. After becoming Hafiz-e-Quran, Hassan completed his graduation with distinction and continued his religious studies at the International Islamic University in Islamabad.

The International Quran recital competition winner, Hassan, has also mastered the art of several languages. He is fluent in English, Pashto, Arabic, German, and Urdu. Moreover, Hassan started participating in these national and international religious competitions from a very young age, which is why he is the recipient of numerous awards.

Due to his fondness for religious competitions, he has traveled around the world; to Turkey, Iran, Qatar,  Germany, and many more. Hassan Ali has made Pakistan proud by winning the first prize in the recent International Quran Recital Competition in Afghanistan.

Pakistani Qari - Hassan Ali Kasi won International Quran Recitation Competition Seraj Al-Kabeer 2021 - YouTube

The International Quran Recital Competition was held in December 2020 and was organized by Sheikh Abdul Kabeer Haidari’s Quranic Centre in Kabul. With participants from over 25 countries in the competition, a jury of experts selected the winners of the qualifying, semi-final, and final competitions. Deeming Hassan as the winner, he was the only reciter representing Pakistan who won the title “Siraj Al-Kabeer”.

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