Faran Tahir in Talks With Runway Pakistan

Faran Tahir is an American Muslim who has made his place in the Hollywood industry. Worked in several movies, his flawless acting made people fall in love with him. Here is a small interview of this phenomenal actor.

We are all aware of Faran Tahir. We have seen him in Iron Man, we have seen him along Sylvester Stallone in Escape Plan and we have watched him in Star Trek. One amazing of an actor alongside being one amazing personality. Runway Pakistan got a chance to interview Faran Tahir and here are some of his amazing answers!!

The remarkable Faran Tahir
  1. How did Faran develop his interest in the field of acting and theater? Was it something that you were passionate about since childhood due to your family’s rich history in acting and theater?

When I look back at my life, I think I was always attracted to performing arts. Yes, being part of a family that has been immersed in arts and literature for the last 200 years definitely has an impact, but we were never pushed in this field.

  1. Did ‘Faran’ face any challenges getting into Hollywood; if so, what were they?

No challenges. I walked in and they cast me in the biggest movies. Hahahahaha. Yes, there were a lot of challenges. I was starting to carve a career far away from home. I had no money, no contacts. Things were hard. There were times when I could only afford eating one meal a day.

  1. What can you tell us more about Faran working in Iron Man as Raza? Can you share any insight regarding the movie that happened while you were on set?

I had the most amazing time on that set. There were no egos. Everyone was focused on creating the most entertaining movie we could.

  1. Have you ever considered working in Lollywood if you got an offer? What would your expectations be working here?

Of course. Although I have been approached several times but unfortunately it hasn’t materialized so far.

  1. Are you currently working on any projects that you’d like to tell us more about?

I have two very exciting upcoming projects. I just did an animated movie, ‘LAMYA’S POEM’. A beautiful story of a young refugee girl fleeing violence and war finds a book of poetry by the celebrated 13th century poet, Rumi. The book becomes a magical gateway where she meets the young Rumi when he was a refugee, escaping the terrible wars of his time. In a shared dream world populated by monsters and other threats that represent the perils they face on their respective journeys, she must help him write the poem that 800 years later will save her life.

I also have another movie, ‘I’LL MEET YOU THERE’. Directed by our own Iram Parveen Bilal. A poignant story about a Muslim cop who goes undercover at his estranged father’s mosque while his daughter hides her passion for a forbidden dance, uncovering a shocking family secret.

  1. How different is working in movies than in TV shows? Which one do you prefer?

Obviously the technique is the same but it’s a different style of storytelling. In a film you have two hours to tell the whole story so the pace and story arc is constructed differently. In TV you have the ability to stretch characters and storyline. I look at it from the perspective of what story are we trying to tell and what is the best medium to tell that story. It could be stage, film, or TV.



  1. Out of all the movies and TV shows that you have worked in, which role or part was so far your favorite? Which role did Faran fit in the best?

Often people question me about this. My answer is always that my favorite role has to be the last thing I did because if I don’t put everything I could into whatever I do then I am doing a disservice to the character and being dishonest to myself.

  1. Which project had the most impact on you and gave you a steep learning curve in your acting career?

Playing Othello and Richard III on stage were beautiful challenges. You have to balance technique verse, emotion, style, and diction, scale and yet keep it as honest as possible.

  1. You’ve been interviewed so many times – What’s the one question you wished someone would have asked you, but never did?

Aap ko Ami ache lugtein hein ya Abu? Hahahahahaha


  1. Which celebrity do you consider as your inspiration or your idol?

I have always admired Meryl Streep. My true inspirations are my parents. I am also a huge fan of Qavi Khan.

  1. Do you do meet and greets with your fans? Tell us a weird or crazy thing that a fan has ever done for you?

I always do because without their love and support what I do has no impact. Once I was asked by woman to record a message for her dog because they always watch TV together. Go figure…

  1. Do you have a hidden talent that you never shared with anyone? What is it?

I can flip my tongue upside down on both sides and can have it stand on a ninety-degree angle. I know it’s stupid but that’s all I got.

  1. What is the one thing that Faran loves about his career the most?

It gives me an opportunity to learn about human nature, frailty and predicament. I can empathize with other humans.

  1. What would have Faran been if not an actor? Any other career that you had thought about as a second option?

An architect. It is an amazing balance of arts, science, ergonomics, psychology, history and so much more.

  1. Any advice for your readers who would like to join this field?

Always dream big but don’t shy away from the work it requires to achieve it.



Areeba Mukhtiar