Syria Gets no Peace

Due to the conflicts between the Kurds and the Turkish forces, its the civilians who have to face the dire consequences of leaving their homes behind and moving to a remote location, which is UNFAIR!

Syria has been a place of conflict for a very long time. Acting as a battleground for different countries, Syria has suffered the most, in all aspects. By April 2016, the recorded number of people dead in Syria was 151,888. The number of people displaced during Syrian wars is near to six million internally and five million have moved to another countries. Syria has faced economic crisis, its democracy has been crippled and the word social is something unknown for them.

After a really long time, Syria had come across some peace in the country. Yet, it could not sustain for long. The war between Turkey and Syria escalated by time and has left the people of Syria homeless, once again. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman “More than 300,000 civilians have been displaced since the start of the offensive,”.

At one place, US wanted to bring both, Syria and Turkey to negotiations, but now has backed off completely. According to Trump “Now the PKK, which is part of the Kurds, as you know, is probably worse at terror, and more a terrorist threat in many ways than ISIS. I’m not going to get involvef in a war between Turkey and Syria, especially when, if you look at the Kurds, and again I say this with great respect, they’re no angels”

Although, Trump has no sympathies with the Kurds and Syria, he should have it with the civilians. They have displaced and moved to different locations. Few are living in schools that are now being used as emergency shelters. Many people have moved to safer parts of the country at their relative’s place. Yet at the end of the day, they had to leave their homes.

Hope it ends as soon as possible!