Farhan Saeed Honours Recent Hockey Achievements With Upcoming Web Series

Farhan Saeed announces his upcoming web series, which is based on Pakistan's recent hockey triumphs.

Pakistani heartthrob and multi-talented star, Farhan Saeed, is about to embark on a new venture that’s sure to excite his fans and sports enthusiasts alike. The ‘Suno Chanda’ actor Farhan is stepping away from his usual romantic and dramatic roles to tackle the high-energy world of field hockey in an upcoming web series.

Farhan announced his exciting new project on Instagram, sharing, “Honoring Pakistan’s recent hockey triumphs, I pay homage by diving into the sport with a new web series on field hockey.” He added that the series would be coming out “soon,” sparking a wave of anticipation among his followers.


While details about the series remain closely guarded, the announcement has already generated a buzz. The announcement caught the attention of Pakistani international hockey player, Sufyan Khan, who commented, “Thank you, Farhan, for standing behind the national game.” Farhan responded with heartfelt gratitude, “Of course, in fact, thank you guys for making us proud!”

Farhan's post's comments

This new role signifies a bold shift for Farhan, who has captivated audiences in genres ranging from romantic dramas to intense thrillers. Now, he is set to bring his dedication and passion to the portrayal of Pakistan’s national sport, field hockey. This project not only highlights his willingness to take on diverse roles but also his desire to honour and bring attention to Pakistan’s rich sports heritage.

As the countdown to the release of the hockey-themed web series begins, fans and sports enthusiasts alike can look forward to a thrilling depiction of field hockey, infused with Farhan’s signature charisma and authenticity. This series promises to be more than just a sports drama; it’s a tribute to the spirit of the game and the recent successes of Pakistani hockey.

Stay tuned to Runway Pakistan for more updates on this exciting project as Farhan Saeed gears up to bring the unbridled passion and intensity of field hockey to the screen, showcasing a side of him that fans have never seen before.