Wahaj Ali Defends ‘Tere Bin’ Co-Star Yumna Zaidi Over A Social Media Post

Wahaj Ali responded to the post, requesting the fan to take it down. However, the fans defended the post, explaining that he had misunderstood its playful nature.

Wahaj Ali and Yumna Zaidi, the dynamic duo who stole hearts in the popular drama ‘Tere Bin’, are back in the spotlight, each embarking on exciting new projects. While fans eagerly anticipate the second season of their beloved show, a comment has grabbed netizens’ attention. 

Yumna Zaidi, ever the chameleon, has been busy showcasing her range in the drama ‘Gentleman’, where she stars opposite Humayun Saeed. Her chemistry with Saeed has been electrifying, earning her widespread acclaim. A fan humorously compared Yumna’s versatility to that of a potato, a staple that complements any dish. The meme was meant to highlight how Yumna shines with any co-star, a testament to her acting prowess.

Instagram Post

However, this playful comparison didn’t sit well with everyone. Wahaj Ali, Yumna’s co-star from ‘Tere Bin’, took the meme as a slight. In a protective move, he commented, “Please remove this post. If you are my admirer, then you should respect my friends, family, and colleagues.” His response sparked a debate among fans.

Wahaj Ali's comment

Some fans felt Wahaj overreacted. One commented, “There was nothing wrong with the post, and the truth is that she is beautiful with everyone. He should not have behaved like this, and this is not appropriate for him.”

Despite the backlash, the meme remained online, with the page admin defending it as a harmless joke. This incident highlights the passionate and protective nature of fandoms, especially when it involves beloved actors like Wahaj and Yumna.

Yumna, unfazed by the drama, continues to prove her mettle. Her role in ‘Gentleman’ is just another feather in her cap, showcasing her ability to adapt to different characters and scenarios effortlessly. Fans appreciate her for her talent and the effortless charm she brings to the screen.

As the anticipation builds for the next season of ‘Tere Bin’, fans are excited to see what new heights Wahaj and Yumna will reach in their careers. Their undeniable on-screen chemistry and individual talents promise more memorable moments in the world of Pakistani drama.

While the social media incident was a minor hiccup, it underscores the intense engagement and emotions that these actors inspire in their fans. Both Wahaj and Yumna have proven that they can handle the spotlight, whether it’s shining on their performances or their personal interactions.