Shaan Shahid And Humaima Malick Set To Star In Upcoming Spy Thriller

The 'Arth' trio, Shaan Shahid, Humaima Malick and Mohib Mirza are returning in an upcoming spy thriller 'Red, White, and Green’.

Shaan Shahid, the celebrated Pakistani actor and filmmaker, is gearing up to dazzle audiences with his upcoming spy thriller, ‘Red, White, and Green’. Adding to the excitement, his former co-star Humaima Malick recently confirmed her role in the film through an Instagram story, setting the stage for a star-studded cast that includes Mohib Mirza and Uzma Khan.

Humaima's Instagram Story. Humaima Malick and

In  ‘Red, White, and Green’, Shaan not only takes on the directorial reins but also stars in the film, which delves into the intricate world of intelligence agencies in Pakistan and the US. While the release date remains under wraps, fans are eagerly awaiting Shaan’s return to the silver screen, especially in a film that promises patriotic themes and intense action.

This film marks a significant milestone for Shaan, as it represents his comeback to the big screen and his second collaboration with both Humaima Malick and Mohib Mirza. Their previous collaboration, ‘Arth’, released in 2017, was a remake of the 1982 classic and explored themes of love, betrayal, self-discovery, and empowerment. In ‘Arth’, Shaan portrayed Ali, a man entangled in an affair with Umaima, played by Humaima, while Mohib played Umer, who consoles Ali’s betrayed wife.

‘Arth’  resonated with audiences for its poignant exploration of personal growth and redemption, ending on a hopeful note that emphasised self-respect and empowerment. The dynamic chemistry between Shaan and Humaima was a highlight of the film, making their reunion in ‘Red, White, and Green’ all the more anticipated.

Shaan’s vision for ‘Red, White, and Green’ promises a gripping blend of action and drama. As a director known for his patriotic films, Shaan is expected to bring a nuanced portrayal of the espionage world, coupled with thrilling sequences that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The film’s title itself hints at a narrative rich with nationalistic fervour and a complex interplay between different intelligence agencies.

Humaima Malick, whose performance in ‘Arth’, ‘The Legends of Maula Jatt’ and ‘Arth’ was both compelling and memorable, is set to bring her A-game to this new venture. Her announcement on Instagram has already created a buzz, with fans eager to see her back in action alongside Shaan and Mohib. The trio’s previous collaboration demonstrated their ability to deliver emotionally charged performances, and ‘Red, White, and Green’ is poised to showcase their versatility in a different genre.

Mohib Mirza, another key player in this ensemble, is known for his dynamic acting skills and ability to adapt to various roles, including ‘Ishrat Made in China’ and ‘Bachana’. His inclusion in the cast adds another layer of excitement, as viewers anticipate how his character will intertwine with those of Shaan and Humaima in this high-stakes thriller.

Uzma Khan, also joining the cast, brings her own brand of charisma and talent to the film. While details about her role remain under wraps, her addition to the ensemble suggests a well-rounded and powerful cast that is sure to deliver standout performances.

As the countdown to the film’s release begins, ‘Red, White, and Green’ is shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated films in Pakistani cinema. With its compelling cast, intriguing plot, and the directorial prowess of Shaan Shahid, audiences can look forward to a cinematic experience that blends action, drama, and patriotism in a way that only Shaan can deliver.

Stay tuned to Runway Pakistan for more updates on ‘Red, White, and Green’,  as this spy thriller promises to not only entertain but also reignite the patriotic spirit among its viewers.