Farishta’s Postmortem Delay Leads to the Removal of MLO

MLO removed by the hospital due to delay in postmortem

The rape case of a 10 year old girl, Farishta, has been circulating all over the internet as the family of the girl has protested and sparked an outrage on social media.

Medico legal officer of Polyclinic Islamabad, Mr Abid Shah was removed due to the delay in postmortem as the family had been protesting. The protest was called off after they ensured strict action against the SHO who was accused of delaying the case even further.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice of the innocent girl’s murder, earlier on 22nd May, and ordered the police to take strict action against the alleged murder and rape case of the little girl, in Islamabad.


The post mortem confirmed that the girl was raped and murdered. The police have revealed that they found out clue and hints which could eventually lead to solving the case and arresting the perpetrator.

DIG Operations suspended SHO on Tuesday and said that the aim of suspending the SHO was to ensure a transparent inquiry.