FAST NUCES Increases Fees, Students Create Petition

A look at their website shows that FAST NUCES' fees now is at Rs 9500 per credit hour for Bachelor's programs, increasing from Rs 7500 per credit hour.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, government has asked all educational institutes to amend their fee structures so that students and their families are not overly burdened. However, many universities have been taking advantage of the situation; first LUMS’ students faced a fee hike, and now it seems that FAST NUCES has massively increased their fees, leading students to create a petition.

A look at their website shows that FAST NUCES’ fees now is at Rs 9500 per credit hour for Bachelor’s programs, and at Rs 9000 per credit hour for Master’s programs.


The fee was increased by Rs 2000 per credit hour for all the campuses. This has led to students protesting and the Rector of the university to justify the move.



Online Backlash against FAST NUCES Decision to Increase Fee

Petition Against FAST NUCES’ decision to increase fee

One of the ways that students have started to protest the fee hike is by signing a petition on So far, 5700+ people have signed the petition.

1. First and foremost Universities gotten very significant reduction in costs:

  • No lights, fans, Air Conditioners and other Machinery being used over 120+ days (days in a semester) and will not be used in Next Online Semester. 
  • Security costs are minimized as University is closed. 
  • Janitorial and cleaning costs are practically Zero. 
  • No internet is used.   
  • Academic costs are zero i.e. no lab practicals, no Co-curricular activities, no events ( for which we always pay funds every semester)

2: On the Other hand Students expenses are heavily increased:

  • They have to do heavy internet packages.
  • They have to use their own electricity.
  • Buy their own tools and devices
  • Have to arrange separate room and desk for studying.

3. Teaching Quality is very low and not up to any standards.

Before, we have proper classrooms, projectors, and whiteboard to study. We had a proper studying environment. We now completely rely on online Audio Lectures. and study from some videos. There is no comparison between both modes. Because the teachers as well as the students are new to the concept of online teaching hence requires double effort. Students have expressed that they find it unfair to pay the same amount of fee for such new form of teaching compared to pre-pandemic education. We don’t support the fee increment for the year 2020-2021 and demand reduction in fees. Why should we pay same amount(or increased amount) for online semester, where we are not using academic facilities?

4. Economic situations and Students inability to pay:

Almost 95% or above families are affected economically within this crises. Especially Low income families and middle class families. There would be hardly any families which are not effected from it. Students are not able to pay same amounts(or increased amounts).

5. Fast is non-profit organization:

So, it doesn’t suits to non-profit organization to put a heavy load on suffering families and students in these troubling times. Considering a time of crises and fact that Semesters are online, semester fees must be reduced rather than to be increased.

In this scenario rather increasing Fees rather than decreasing it is just a death for students all over Pakistan. Students will not have any other choice than to leave their degree or freeze their semesters. Save students from doing protests in this Pandemic Crises..

Keeping in view all of above valid reasoning and points. We come to conclusion that “It is totally Unjust To Not Decrease Semester Fees”. We demand from HEC and Education Minister( Shafqat Mahmood) to make Strict University policy and reduce the Semester Fee.

We demand from Fast Director and Rector to focus on our points and decrease the University Fees upto 50%, rather than increasing it.

If you wish to sign the petition students created to fight the massive increase in FAST NUCES’ fee, click here.


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