Father Murders Daughter for ‘Honour’

In a deadly incident of 'honour' killing, a woman was murdered by her father in Lahore’s Shalimar area over suspicion of being in a relationship.

Another heinous crime of ‘honour’ killing, has emerged after a woman was reportedly murdered by her father in Lahore’s Shalimar area on Wednesday, February 24 over suspicion of being in a relationship with another man.

The woman, by the name of Shahnaz Bibi, was mother to six children and had recently moved into a separate house with her children following a divorce with her husband, Kashif.

According to initial reports from police officials, the father who has been identified as Akram, suspected his daughter of being a relationship with another man by the name of Zubair.

Upon seeing Zubair and Shahnaz together, apparently inside Shahnaz’s house, the father opened fire, killing Shahnaz on the spot and severely injuring Zubair.

Shamim Akhter, the mother of the murdered Shahnaz, filed a case against her husband with the Shalimar police. The police have started legal proceedings after arresting the accused who killed his daughter in the name of honour.

At least 83 women were killed in the name of honour in Lahore in 2020. The police filed charges against the accused in 62 cases after arresting them, while 21 cases are being investigated.

Speaking on the reason behind the prevalence of honour killing in Pakistani societies, expert and scholar, Dr Anam Fatima said the issue was linked with the importance of reputation in societies.

Father Murders Daughter for 'Honour' - Runway Pakistan

‘Male privilege has existed for decades as it is deep-rooted in most societies of the world,’ she said.

Dr Anam Fatima reiterated that being dishonoured in an ‘honour culture’ is often considered a fate worse than death and the dishonour of one person can stain many others under this ideology.

Men who are socially deprived and economically constrained may tend to develop “narcissistic enjoyment” by exercising power over women, the scholar added.

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