Female SHO, Sharafat Khan, Policemen Allegedly Attacked

A female SHO named Sharafat Khan along with two other policemen were allegedly attacked by a mob while implementing lockdown restrictions on Friday.

A female SHO, Sharafat Khan, amongst three policemen were attacked while trying to implement lockdown restrictions. According to the government, jummah prayers have been put on hold for the time being due to the risk of spreading coronavirus. The SHO and police officers were attacked in Orangi Town on Friday afternoon, as mentioned by witnesses.

The crowd allegedly attacked the lady SHO of the Pirabad police station Sharafat Khan, an intelligence police officer Hayat Gul and Constable Abdul Salam, with stones after they tried to stop a prayer due to lockdown restrictions. They were performing their duties and were injured.

As the report states, there were around 30 people going to Haqqani Masjid near a mazaar in Frontier Colony. The lot was going to offer prayer when they were stopped by the police and retaliated with stones, which resulted in injuries to police officers.

A contingent of police led by senior officers rushed to the spot to prevent the situation from getting deteriorating further. The police also sealed the streets and nearby areas in order to search and arrest the suspects who attacked. Some people were detained by police for questioning mentioned by the witnesses. However, the SP Orangi denied any arrests.

The incident gained more heed as it was uploaded on social media, where it went viral. The video showed that the female SHO was manhandled by the mob as her nose was clearly seen bleeding. A judicial magistrate also ordered inquiry reports to be submitted.

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