First Transgender hired for Ministry of Human Rights

Ayesha Moghul, first transgender was hired to work in MOHR.

Human Rights Ministry appointed their first transgender person. Transgenders are slowly and gradually receiving the recognition that every normal human being receives. They had been shunned by the society and forced to live in the outskirts with no basic resources to survive on.

The government started to recognize them back in when they started issuing them their CNIC. After which the society in general started to accept them too but we still have a long way to go.

Dr Shireen Mazari welcomed her new transgender member in a tweet that she posted as an announcement with a picture saying:

Welcomed our first transgender Ayesha Moghul who is going to work in MOHR as a resource person – Thank you

Many people have appreciated Dr Mazari on twitter saying that this is a great step and that they should be given the place in society that they deserve. We also wish the Ministry of Human Rights good luck and may this addition be fruitful in their future endeavours.