Five Definite First Date Dont’s

Ever had a really good first date? But didn’t get the chance to score a second one with the same person? That is because you are probably doing something wrong which is drifting him/her from you. Striking up a conversation on phone and actual life is different. Most people due to lack of confidence fail to do it in person hence they end up searching for partners on dating apps which is definitely something you should NOT do.

We will be telling you about 5  things which you should NOT do on your first date:

Stay away from your phone:

The most common mistake that most individuals make is to be constantly on their phone. This gives a non-interested and  rude impression. Be confident and strike a spontaneous conversation to avoid awkward situations like that.

Don’t be late:

One thing you have got to be most careful about is being punctual. Often people take too much time on getting themselves and things ready that they get really late. So, making your date wait too long is the ultimate NO-NO!

Don’t talk too much about yourself:

One thing you should keep in mind  is not to talk about yourself too much, this may disinterest your partner and could give off a narcissistic impression of you. Bring variations into your topic and be confident while talking.

Don’t wear anything uncomfortable:

Often people make this mistake of going out of their comfort zone when it comes to attire in order to impress their date. Don’t wear anything too tight or loose or anything that would make you look not presentable. Always be in comfortable clothing.

Focus on your eating habits:

If you are a messy eater and stain your clothes easily and your eating habits are not presentable then you need to improve your eating habits because messy eating can be a big bummer and also a big turn off.