FOMO is Totally Real and Here Are Some Signs You Might Have It

FOMO is the fear of missing out. It is a real thing and it's in a lot of us. Here are some signs that you might have the fear of missing out.

It’s Saturday night and you are sitting in a restaurant having dinner with a friend, you are meeting after ages when you get a notification. It’s your other friend group having a movie night. Do you feel the anxiety or the stabbing feeling at the back of your neck that you need to go there? Yes, that’s your FOMO coming out.

During these times we have hundreds of opportunities waiting for us to just get selected. From where to get lunch from to which job offer to take. This never-ending cycle takes up our mental health, energy, and time if it is left as it is and even makes us ill physically.

1) You have been checking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even your Email continuously.


2) You have been saying “YES” to everything

3) You haven’t had much downtime for yourself


4) You want to be surrounded by people most of the time

5) You feel bad when you miss out on something


6) You commit but not fully in case you get invited to something better

7) You want to be everywhere and want to do everything


8) Have you ever hit the curb while being distracted while driving?

9) You said YES to a minimum of 3 points in his post


If you find yourself saying yes to a lot of these, you might need to slow down and relax. It is best if you start treating your FOMO because not keeping it in check, only makes it worse.

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