The Best Places To Have Cookies In Karachi

Cookies have become everyone's favorite sweet treat and in this article, we highlight some of the best cookie places you can have in town.

Cookies have become everyone’s beloved sweet treat. Just a small bite of it and you would be wanting more. They are indulging, soft, sweet and extremely tender.

Lately, there has been an increase in venues that are now offering cookies to customers. This has provided the masses with endless options to choose from.

Hence, we have come out with an article that highlights which venues sell the best cookies in town.

1) Karamel 

Places That Sell Cookies

If your looking for that delicate flavorsome cookie that sends you into ecstasy, then this is the place for you. Karamel has some of the most scrumptious cookies on offer. What makes them unique is how diverse they are in terms of flavor.

These range from the highly crunchy Oreo Chunky Cookie to the soft Red Velvet White Cookie. Each of them is different from the other but non the less pack a massive punch.  If you are an avid cookie lover, then this is the place for you.

2) Mana’s Cookie Co.

Places That Sell Cookies

If your looking for an absolute delight, then you should definitely try cookies from this highly amazing place. What started out as a family business has now become the go to bakery for the best cookies in town.

The cookies are delicate but quite enriching in terms of flavor. They also sell a vast array of different flavors. These include Belgian Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Whatever your favorite flavor maybe, Mana’s Cookie Co. has them all. Their amazing flavors will keep bringing you back for more.

3) Maccarron

Places That Sell Cookies

Macrons are considered as cookies in France and are highly popular in the country and around the world. They have also grown immensely in popularity across Pakistan with many bakeries offering them to the masses.

However, Maccarron is perhaps the only shop in the city that actually specializes in producing macrons solely. Its silky smooth texture and taste makes for an amazing treat that tantalizes one’s taste buds. If you are into these sugary French delights then you must definitely give this outlet a try.

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