Mira Sethi Hits Back At Men Who Moral Police Others

Mira Sethi has been a vocal proponent of women's rights and this time she hits back at men who moral police others for how they dress.

Mira Sethi has been a staunch vocal proponent of women’s rights for quite a while. She is not afraid to voice her opinions and tell it like it is.

This can be seen during her latest video interview with The Independent.  Throughout the interview she critiqued men for their moral policing ways.

Mira Sethi further stressed the importance of women choosing what clothing she wants to wear. The actress states that one’s masculinity must not be defined by their ability to police women regarding their choices.

The starlit talked about the importance of men being more accepting of women’s clothing choices.

In the interview, she lambasted the government for their nonchalant attitude towards the rising prejudice against women and the overall violence they have been facing in the country.

Mira Sethi hits back at men who moral police women.

Acts of moral policing is a constant recurrence online whenever an actress does any sort of photoshoot. Just a couple of days back, Aliya Ali faced backlash for her choice of clothing that she wore on Instagram.

Its safe to say that Pakistani society has a long way to go before attitudes and mentalities start to change.

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