Forever 21: Not so ‘Forever’ anymore?

The fast-fashion company, Forever 21, is reportedly in preparation to file for bankruptcy. Is this the end of their empire?

According to new reports, Forever 21, the beloved mall retailer, is preparing for potential bankruptcy filing. The fast-fashion chain grew quickly grew a number of following by selling clothing low-prices. The company sells their clothing at more than 800 stores in the Europe, U.S., Latin America and Asia.

To learn that Forever 21 is striking on death’s door is most definitely not a shocker to people. As claimed by customers, analyst and former executives their fashion wares felt repetitive. To replenish them up, the company pushed into categories like menswear, lingerie, footwear and plus sizes.

With cash flow reducing and inversion plans not working, the company is apparently are in pursuit of financing and a debt reestablishment. In other reports the company denies the reports calling them inaccurate. They stated that ‘ Forever 21 is not planning to file for bankruptcy.

Well the question still lingers whether or not ‘Forever 21’ will officially files for bankruptcy or not? Whats  ironic is that most of their stores are having 70% sales, while the company denies their bankruptcy. We see what you did there!


Forever 21-runway pakistan

However, people on twitter seem to be having a field day with this news. One twitter user said that the reason behind this could be because Forever 21 is turning 22. While others think Ariana Grande’s lawsuit of $10 million probably led towards the loss. ( And I oop..)


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