Fourth Wave of Covid-19 in Pakistan Is Way More Critical Than We Thought

The fourth wave of Covid-19 has hit Pakistan and the rise in cases is concerning. Health experts have advised the Sindh government for a 15 days lockdown.

The fourth wave of Covid-19 is upon Pakistan and it is way more dangerous than anyone ever thought. In the last two consecutive days, Pakistan has seen over 8000 positive cases.

Out of 59,707 tests for Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, 4,497 of them were positive, increasing the positivity rate to 7.5% in Pakistan. This raises the total number of cases in Pakistan to 1.02 million.

Covid 19 Pakistan

Not only is that but the death rate in Pakistan also escalating rapidly. In the last 24-hours, the country has lost 76 citizens from this virus. The number of active cases is 59,761, and the total number of recoveries in 24-hours is 1,612.

Covid-19 Pakistan

In a report from yesterday, Maryam Nawaz, the Vice President and Spokesperson of PML-N, was tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and is quarantining at home.

The highest number of Covid-19 cases are being recorded in the province of Sindh. The active cases in Sindh alone are 37,695 and there were 43 deaths in the past 24-hours in the province.

Covid-19 Pakistan

These rising numbers have led the health experts to advise the Sindh government of a 15 days lockdown in the city of Karachi, where the highest number of positives are being recorded. According to Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, a medical practitioner, the Covid-19 infection rate in the city is 30% only from the tested residents, and if we count the untested residents the percentage can go up to 40%.

On Tuesday, Sindh Government has announced that all needless movement will be constricted in Karachi. In an upcoming meeting on Friday, it is expected that the decision of 15 days lockdown will be announced.

Protection against the virus guidance

It is important now, more than ever, to get your loved ones and yourself vaccinated, immediately. Vaccines can protect against the severity of the virus however it does not mean that you can not be infected by the wave.

To fight Covid-19, the residents of Pakistan must be careful and follow the SOPs provided by the Pakistani Government and WHO.

  • Avoid public gatherings or unnecessary outings.
  • Sanitize yourself more frequently.
  • Wear a mask whenever there is a possibility of coming in contact with an outsider.
  • Get vaccinated soon.
  • If you experience any of the symptoms of the virus, get tested immediately.
  • Quarantine at least for 15 days if you get infected.

Dial 1166 for Heath Helpline 

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