Pakistanis, Let’s Stand As One – As Human Beings, Against the Femicide and Violence

Recent events of femicide and violence have terrified women and have renewed their fear of safety in Pakistan, which was already there.

Every day we see another women prey to femicide and violence. Every day our community fails us. Every day more and more women fear that it could be them one day. Every single day.

This month alone Pakistan witnessed seven reported cases of femicide and violence against women. Which is a tiny percentage of all the femicide and violence cases in Pakistan. Hearing these stories may send chills down your spine but this is the prime time to stand up against femicides and violence.

With the increase in cases several activists, celebrities, and influencers of Pakistan have started raising their voices against these predators and society’s silence against them. Hashtags like #YesAllMen, #justicefornoor, #justiceforquratulain, #dontstaysilent, #auratunited, and #NotAllMen have started trending on all social media platforms. Here are some tweets:


This series of cases relating to reported femicide and violence this month started on the 4th of July when a video of two men hitting their mother and sister with bats and helmets went viral on social media. On July 6th, when Imran Khan asked CII to review and reject bills against Domestic Violence, under the pressure of religious scholars. On July 7th, a couple was assaulted by Usman Mirza when he broke into a hotel room. On July 15th, Quratulain was tortured by her husband, Umar Khalid Memon, for hours and then killed. On July 18th two cases were reported. One in Peshawar, in which Raza Ali shot and killed his wife, Bushra, and children. In Islamabad, the Afghan ambassador’s daughter was kidnapped and injured. On July 20th, Noor Mukaddum was beheaded by Zahir Jaffer. On July 26th, Andaleeb, a 7-year-old girl from Quetta, reported she was abused by a grown man on her way from school.

Predators of more than one-third of femicides and violence cases are someone the women know, like her husband, partner, or boyfriend. According to statistics, women are the victims of 80%of intimate partner crimes.

Apart from the increased influence of patriarchy in Pakistani culture, in the name of religious customs, the lack of answerability of these predators keeps these crimes from decreasing.

How many more hashtags do we need for the authority to hear the women of Pakistan and take action against them. Solidarity with survivors and standing up against the abusers can really have an impact. Women are posting on their stories and feeds and unfollowing abusers of their friends and acquaintances to show support.

In the end, even after all the support we see for the victims from locals, we still get to see cases of femicide and violence frequently. The path ahead is still dark, scary, and full of predators like these. To get the help we need help from authority and continue to fight for justice. We need to tell them that women’s rights are just human rights and the people who support victims aren’t going to stop until justice is served and women in Pakistan feel safe.

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