4 Pro Mindful Eating Tips To Transform Yourself

Worried about your health? Here are a few authentic mindful eating habits that will refresh your appetite and help in making you feel energized.

Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept which is all about living in the present and concentrating on your feelings, thoughts and physical sensations in that specific period. Mindfulness is able to help people avoid depression, anxiety and other food related issues. This is where Pro Mindful eating comes in.

Mindful Eating is all about using the technique of Mindfulness and applying it to your daily eating habits. You can achieve this by paying close attention to your senses when you are having cravings. Some people tend to believe it is similar to the Mediterranean diet, which revolves around eating fruits, nuts, olive oil, vegetables etc. However, this is a meditation concept that can be applied to your normal foods.

This fast paced world has destroyed our eating habits by giving us an overflow of various food items. We tend to eat in a hurry whilst playing closer attention to our phones and television screens. Hence, our brain does not signal us to stop eating until we have overeaten. This is why eating Mindfully is so important. Here are some easy ways to improve your eating habits.

Create a Connection With Your Food

To establish a connection with your food, you must be considerate of all the hard work it took to get it on your plate. From the farmers that have harvested it to the people who put it on their shop shelves, from the person who bought it to the one who made it for you. You have to be mindful of the soil, the water and the time it took for your food to grow. All these things make you pay greater attention to your food and appreciate each bite more.

Start With Small Portions

I know the majority of us enjoy indulging in our favorite foods by eating it in big amounts. But we can enjoy it just as much by savoring the taste and eating less. Try to take a small plate to limit the amount of portions that you are digesting. This will help you in appreciating your food as well.

Lead All Your Senses to the Meal

Whether you are cooking it, serving it or eating it. Always make sure to pay attention to the smell, texture, hues and even the sounds of the meal. This will help you in achieving Pro Mindful eating levels by allowing yourself to eat your food slowly and also concentrate all your senses on it.

Only Eat When You Are Hungry

This might not make sense to some, but what we don’t realize is that majority of the times when we mentally decide to eat food, we are doing it for reasons other than just hunger. Most of the time, we are extremely bored and have nothing productive to do, which is a major trigger for binge eating in large portions. We need to establish when we are genuinely hungry and when we are just trying to eat out of boredom.

Overall, Mindful eating is a good procedure to help you gain control of your diet and health related problems, especially if other regular diets have been rendered useless.

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