Frieha Altaf Talks Beyond Beautiful; A Campaign To Empower Change

In conversation with Frieha Altaf, CEO of Catalyst and Catwalk PR.We discuss the launch of Beyond Beautiful a campaign which aims to provide a complete beauty experience.

Q1) Give a bit of background about ‘Beyond Beautiful’

It was a need here in Pakistan, something had to be done about the prejudice and limited options that are here in the beauty industry due to the lack of education and awareness. Why do individuals have to spend lakhs to gain the same experience when we can offer exactly that on our own turf? A full 360 beauty experience.

Q2) What pulled you towards initiating this campaign and why?

To encourage Confidence throughout the entire nation, doesn’t matter what age you are, what you skin tone or even what gender you are. Confidence is a right for every individual to own without restriction.

To embrace Diversity with open arms. As a nation made up of various different ethnic groups naturally we all have individual and significantly unique looks. At the end all these various types of Diversity is what unifies us as one Beautiful nation. Pakistan is Diversity.

Q3) What does the campaign of Beyond beautiful revolve around and what are the main aspects it covers?

To empower Change for the betterment of society. As a developing nation, we as a society face a lot of prejudice and old age social taboos consistently taking precedence over what Pakistan as a society critically needs for its growth on the global and national market. Encouraging change through education, training, and awareness is the only way Pakistan will grow, develop and be a key contender in the world stage. Change is a necessity, not a choice.

Q4) What will the 360 beauty experience comprise of?

Anyone, beauty has no age restriction, no gender, so why should we aim it at a specific group of people? Whether you are buying moisturizer for your child, eyeliner for yourself or even estrogen tablets for your mother as she is going through menopause. This is aimed at everyone and anyone.


Q5) Talk us through the lineup which is prepared for the much anticipated Hair & Makeup shows

These industries have solid opportunities to help individuals that truly need it. So why not start now? And most importantly the government is also back us to do this event.


Q6) What are the selected brands onboard for the campaign of Beyond Beautiful

We have multiple international brand participating. From L’Oréal, Unilever, P&G, Too Faced, Revolution, to even Becca cosmetics. These are just to name a few.


Q7) Tell us about the key collaborations through this campaign?

Yes many of them are. For example, Aethetic Life is collaborating with a renowned Russian makeup artist, Zinaida Feygina. Additionally, there will be and also a great opportunity for all other brands to get on board and create new collaborations.

Q8) What do you plan on achieving through Beyond Beautiful

There is definitely room to do more. But for now, Beyond Beautiful is the focus as this is a project that is close to our hearts and we want to give it our all to make sure it is executed right.

Q9) How do you personally affiliate yourself with this campaign? Is it close to you at heart?

Remember someone has to force a change in order for change to occur. Pakistan is the 5th largest country in the world with a beauty industry worth 165 billion RS so therefore, this is the perfect time for Beyond Beautiful to take center stage and make it clear no political or economic situation can stop change or growth. Remember we are still living in a society where we see and hear regularly of individuals being targeted. Whether its acid attack or being burnt, these victims can get help and support through the beauty industry it can be through surgeries, facial regeneration or even hair and makeup.

All in all, the campaign seems to be a revolutionizing one for the beauty industry of Pakistan!