Gen Bajwa’s Extension is a Dilemma

General Bajwa was given an extension of few years signed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan himself, but the court has put it on hold. Why?

On 19th August 2019, government extended Gen Bajwa’s tenure by 3 years . The extension was signed by the Prime Minster, himself. Well well, the relations between establishment and government have been sweet for long. People are of the opinion, that its the establishment that is running the country and not the government. The extension had made their views quite clear. However, there has been a sudden turn of events.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khosa, has suspended anything of such sort coming from the government. According to Khosa “If the notification was issued on August 19, then what did the prime minister approve on August 21?”. Mr Khosa also brought in the constitution. He said “Only the president of Pakistan can extend the tenure of the army chief.”. To which the attorney general replied saying, “We can take approval from the president again.” The dialogues have been going on since the last few days. In conclusion, CJP told “”In the meanwhile, the operation of the impugned order/notification in respect of extension/re-appointment of General Qamar Javed Bajwa in the said office shall remain suspended.”

Well, the CJP seems to be quite anti PTI and establishment at the moment. Where on one hand Nawaz Sharif got his NRO, on the other hand, there is an issue with extension. But one can not comment over those in position. We have to consider that what our court does is in favor of the country and should be voted as a sane decision. It is yet to see what Army and PTI does now, to extend the tenure of Gen Bajwa. Or even, if they are now willing to do so.

We can pray that establishment works for Pakistan and not their self interest, always.

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