Nightingale of Hunza | Natasha Baig

With her euphonious voice and her precise choice of music, Natasha Baig has been astonishing us with her distinct set of genre.

Belonging to Hunza, Pakistan, Natasha Baig’s voice is as pretty as her hometown. From time to time, we have been listening to Natasha Baig, either through her singles or in shows like Coke Studio. Well, the genre she always goes with is Sufi, so those into Sufism are usually fond of Natasha’s songs. We got a chance to interview Natasha Baig, and here are her interesting replies we got from her side!

  1. Tell us about your childhood. Where did you grow up?
    • I was born in Karachi and went back to Gilgit where I spent my initial 5 years of childhood then came back to Karachi for good.


  1. What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
    • This event that I am sharing with you has an evidence tape too. It occurred on my prep 2 class annual day, teachers were calling out high achiever’s name, they called my name and before I receive my prize the announcer called the next name so I ran towards the officials and started shouting “Mera naam aya tha, mera naam aya tha!”, they all were staring at me so awkwardly.


  1. How did you choose this career? When did you decide that you wanted to choose singing as your career?
    • It was never planned, singing occurred to me all of a sudden. Mainly in 2009 when I heard the news of MJ’s death, they started showing documentaries regarding his life and him live on stage. His live performances got me so inspired that I decided to be on stage and feel as content as him and put a mark the way he puts it. Although I am nothing like MJ, he was in a completely different zone and way more talented, but yes, MJ inspired me to be a performer on the stage. 

      Also I was indulged in a lot of sport activities and it kind of annoyed my father, but to me any extracurricular activity was like a mind relief so, when I was supposed to leave cricket with a heavy heart, I picked music and found out that I was made for it.

Natasha Natasha Baig

  1. At what age did you find out that you could sing? Were you good at it naturally?
    • So in my school van we used to play ‘antakshari’ and once they all stopped singing and I continued the song myself. Everybody in the van started to cheer for me but I felt so awkward that I kept quiet. Fast forward to college life where I planned to give it a shot, I was 16. The ability to sing is ‘god gifted’, yes. I never took any lessons.
  1. How has your experience been in Coke Studio?
    • It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Just the thought of being a part of this great music venture is so precious to me because I come from a place where girls could never dare to think about stepping into this industry and me making it possible to such big and serious platform. It was something that I can’t even explain in words.


  1. Who did you enjoy working with the most?
    • Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi were two people that I enjoyed the most working with.


  1. Which song that you have sung is your favorite?
    • I was really proud of “Ya Maula” the kalam that I realized in Burushaski (my mother tongue), but when “shikwe jawabshikwa” came, it became one of my favorite works since then.


  1. Did you face any struggles in this industry so far?
    • Who doesn’t? I have faced extremely big ones and trust me the struggle is not over yet. It just keeps making me stronger.


  1. What makes you unique?
    • I think my voice texture and also the fact that I hail from the Hunza Valley.


  1. Do you have a hidden talent? If yes, what is it?
    • I’ve got tons! Mainly, I can freak people out with my eyes and ears. Also, I never knew this was counted as a talent but I can whistle any song perfectly. This is something people have pointed out and made me realize.


  1. Any projects that you are currently working on?
    • This year, I am solely dedicated on working on my album. The name that I have decided for my album is ‘Zariya’.


  1. Lastly, what advice would you give to our readers who want to pursue singing as a career?
    • Stay consistent and remember baby steps are necessary because it transforms you into a great artist. It evolves you.


What is Natasha’s Favourites?


1. Favourite colour?


2. Favourite food?

Rajhma Chawla (Red beans).

3. Favourite song?

I can’t pick one.

4. Favourite book?

The art of happiness by Howard C. Culter and Dalai Lama XIV.

5. Favourite piece of clothing?


6. Favourite movie?

All marvel studio movies.

7. Favourite place to eat?


8.Favourite clothing style?


9.Favourite accent?


10. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Swiss Chocolate.

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