“Green Light” Shown For Squid Game Season 2 By Netflix

Netflix has shown the "green light" to the creators of Squid Game to bring back the most famous Netflix show ever with a season 2.

Netflix Inc confirmed on Sunday that global sensation Squid Game will store back for a season 2, giving a few indications about what’s in store in the grim Korean drama.

When Squid Game premiered in September 2021, it quickly became Netflix’s most popular series. The show follows cash-strapped competitors as they play childhood favourite games in the hopes of winning life-changing amounts of money. The main character in “Squid Game,” Seong Gi-hun, is a divorced player who entered the tournament for a large prize.

It spawned a slew of jokes and costumes for the Halloween season, as well as a surge in green tracksuit orders.

Here is the announcement video released by Netflix which has brought the fans on the edge of their seats.

In a letter shared by Netflix, director and author Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed a few clues regarding the series’s season two.

Characters He predicted that Gi-hun and The Front Man will reappear in season 2, as well as with the ddakji the man in the suit will also return.

He said we will also meet Young-boyfriend hee’s as well. One of the activities in Squid Game Season 2 features Young-hee, a motion-sensing robotic doll.

Back in October, Netflix told that “Squid Game” was the company’s biggest-greatest series at debut.” It is the first Korean show on the network to achieve Number One in the States, with 1.65 billion hours of streaming in the first 28 days after its premiere.

Hwang wrote in the message that bringing the first edition of Squid Game to life the year before required 12 years. However, he also added that it took Squid Game only 12 days to become the most successful show ever.”

Last year, Hwang announced that the show will return for a second season.
He explained that there’s been much desire, affection, and devotion for a season two.  As a result, he felt compelled to produce a second season.

Netflix did not provide a release date for the next season of the most awaited Squid Game.

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