Gulshan Mehsud: Pakistani Amputee Gold Medalist

Here's to Gulshan Mehsud; a true star, and an exceptional player making Pakistan proud, an amputee gold medalist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa!

Gulshan Mehsud, a lady from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has been making Pakistan proud by becoming a gold medalist. Mehsud is an amputee, she had her leg amputated, however, that did not stop her from indulging in the sports she loved.

This Pakistani gold medalist is truly extraordinary. She plays table tennis and practices powerlifting and claims that she will go to much greater heights. Gulshan Mehsud was only 14-years old when she stepped on a land mine, resulting in the loss of her leg after which she was confined to her house.

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After 14 years, in 2018, Gulshan Mehsud’s father and brother got her registered to the Association for the Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD) in Peshawar. With the help of the program, and being able to leave the house, she registered herself in several competitions.

ARDP’s communication manager says, “In 2018, she appeared in powerlifting and won the gold medal in the National Games held in Abbottabad. The same year, she won gold in powerlifting and table tennis at the National Sports Festival held in Abbottabad.”

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Gulshan Mehsud went onto repeat her success in the 2019 edition of the Abbottabad sports festival for disabled competitors. In September this year, she won gold in powerlifting and table tennis at the national games for parathletes in Peshawar!

Gulshan Mehsud now intends to represent Pakistan and the disabled people of Pakistan on an international level. She believes that her participation in sports will open up opportunities for disabled women all over the country.

Moreover, Gulshan Mehsud has expressed that after receiving considerable recognition, she wants to work to educate and help disabled women. Even though she says that life is not easy for disabled men either, however being a woman, she has first-hand experience of how hard it can be. It is exactly why she wants to work for the cause of educating disabled women and make sure they receive accurate opportunities and platforms to excel in sports.

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