The First Female Taxi Driver in Gaza

In the conservative and traditionalist Gaza Strip, Nayla Abu Jubbah has instilled a revolution by becoming the first female taxi driver in Gaza!

A Palestinian mother to five children, Nayla Abu Jubbah, has launched her driving services this week and has become the first female taxi driver in the conservative and traditionalist Gaza strip.

Even though women and men have equal rights to drive in Palestine, the job has mostly been dominated by males, until now as Nayla becomes the first female taxi driver in Gaza. “One day I was talking with a friend who works as a hairdresser and I said to her: ‘What would you say if we started a taxi service for women?’ She said it was a crazy idea,” the 39-year-old said.

Due to the Gaza strip being blocked by Israelis, the unemployment rate is extremely high crossing over 50%. So, Nayla decided to get on her headscarf and face mask and start her taxi services becoming the first female driver in Gaza.

Moreover, Nayla specified that she does not roam the streets looking for fares or customers, she only takes advance bookings. “I leave my home and I will pick up my clients, to bring them for example from the hairdressing salon to a wedding,” she says.

The first female taxi driver in Gaza states that she got the car from her father’s inheritance. “I said to myself one day that I needed to take advantage of the car, to put it to work,” she said. “Hence the project of a taxi service entirely for women, to put them at ease.”

By providing an only female service and being the first female taxi driver in Gaza, Nayla has put several other women across the area at ease. “We live in a conservative society. So, when I saw that there was a taxi company especially for women… I felt a kind of freedom”, said a passenger.

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