Hadiqa Kiani’s Salon Sued for PKR 20 million Over ‘Hair Loss’

A woman has sued singer, Hadiqa Kiani for PKR 20 million after she allegedly lost her hair after undergoing a beauty treatment at the singer’s salon.

After losing her hair following a beauty treatment at singer and songwriter Hadiqa Kiani’s salon, a woman, who identifies as Zahida has sought PKR 20 million in damages. In the lawsuit, Zahida claimed that she suffered the hair loss right after her straightening treatment at the salon.

Zahida also filed a separate PKR 20 million claim against the owner of the Faislabad franchise of Hadiqa Kiani’s salon chain. The woman has demanded a compensation of PKR 2.5 million worth of expenses.

The victim has suspected the use of harmful creams that caused her hair to fall out, “distorting her appearance”.

Faislabad’s local court has summoned Hadiqa Kiani, the owner of the Faislabad franchise, Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad, and the district health officer on December 16, 2020.

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