Pepsi Releases Limited-Edition Spa Kits

Pepsi has released limited-edition spa kits to let consumers relax at home during the pandemic. The kits include sugar scrub, a face mask, and a bath bomb.

With all the Corona craziness through-out the year, Pepsi comes up with the idea of a cola-scented spa kit. Pepsi has released limited-edition spa kits to let consumers relax at home during the pandemic. The kits include a jar of cola-scented sugar scrub, a face mask, and a bath bomb, that exactly looks like their logo.

“When the stress of the holiday finally settles, treat yourself to the perfect Pepsi spa experience. You deserve it.” They wrote on Twitter. “Tag a friend who also deserves some serious R&R with #PepsiSpa & #Sweepstakes for a chance to win.”

The Pepsi Spa Kit will be available to 100 winners on Twitter this month, the winners will be announced on December 7th. The spa kit is all wrapped up in eco-friendly packaging and is inspired by the drink’s bubbles, color, and texture.

The kit includes three products, an exfoliating, cola-scented sugar scrub, a Pepsi blue face-mask and a Pepsi-cola scented bath bomb.

To enter the giveaway, US residents 18 or over can participate in the contest by tweeting with the hashtags #Pepsispa and #sweepstakes and tagging a friend.

Pepsi releasing the limited-edition spa kit isn’t the first time the company has integrated a lifestyle product into its marketing strategy. In November 2019, the company launched a fashion e-commerce site, filled with apparel and accessories from its collaborations with various international fashion brands like Alexander Wang, Puma, and Urban Outfitters. Earlier this year, the brand sent “Tailgate in a box” kits to home-bound sports fans, complete with an outdoor projector, custom cornhole sets, and various Pepsi products. Such branded merchandise allows the brand to become more of a lifestyle brand than simply a soda one.

pepsi releases limited edition spa kits

Earlier this year, Pepsi offered one lucky winner the opportunity to pop the question with a free engagement ring featuring a 1.53-carat lab-grown diamond, that was made out of actual Crystal Pepsi.

pepsi releases limited-edition spa kits

The ring looked like any other diamond sparkler, with a nice-sized rock sitting atop a platinum band. But the brand revealed that it used real Crystal Pepsi to make the diamond in a lab, boiling the clear cola drink down to its ‘most basic carbon form’ and adding it to the diamond-growing process.

To make this one, Crystal Pepsi was boiled down into a powder and mixed with carbon and a small piece of a natural diamond. All of that was put under high pressure at high temperature to create a bigger lab-grown diamond.

Pepsi worked with the creative agency VaynerMedia to make the ring, which is valued at $3,000.

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