Has Iran Decided to Move Out of NPT?

Iran has passed a motion to quit from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and this raises a lot of questions.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was made back in 1968. The basic purpose of this treaty was to stop stockpiling of nuclear weapons. All but 4 countries joined this treaty. Some ratified it and some didn’t, but it was there for all. It was a safe heaven for the countries to live in the dilemma that the other country wasn’t piling nuclear weapons. Iran was also a part of NPT but now is deciding to quit it. Although Iran, yet, isn’t a nuclear country, but the western government fears that it would one day own a nuclear weapon. Which, ofcourse, will be dangerous for them.

Iran had signed a deal with the Western Powers in 2015, where they offered to halt their atomic manuring. In return they had asked to life the sanctions and allow them to trade with the globe. However, in 2018, Donald Trump overthrew the decision and quit from the deal. He reimposed sanctions on Iran which drove the Iranian Government furious with rage.

Amid the tensions between the US and Iran, it seems quite likely for Iran to quit. But obviously, this can have consequences of its own that the world might have to face. Not that US has been quite aligned with this tready, but even then, Iran and US both can create trouble for the world.  US,

In case Iran quits the NPT for good and develops WMDs, it is an easy chance to start the WWIII at the end of the day.

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