New Laws for Parenting in Pakistan

Parenting isn't easy and it takes a lot more than attention to the newly born only. There has been a bill passed on this issue. We can say, it is the first good news of 2020.

Parenting has never been an easy task. Especially for those, who become parents for the first time. However, taking professional and personal life, together, is actually tough for everyone. Especially moms, who have to go through different phases while being pregnant. The government, however, usually gives maternity leaves to working moms-to-be. Nevertheless, dads have to manage work and paternal life simultaneously. And it gets really hard on them, because well, you wake up the kid sleeps. And when you sleep, the kid wakes up. Regardless of the fact how cute that might look, parenting is as tiring as it can be.

So to take off the work load from parents-to-be, Pakistan Senate has passed a bill. According to the bill, the leaves a woman may get is divided into three parts. For the first birth, she will get six months off, for second birth she will get four months off and for the third birth she will get three months off. However, a man will get one month off, three times during his service, as his paternity leave.

Nevertheless, there have been much opposition to this bill. It was passed by Senator Quratulain Marri and will now be sent to National Assembly for further debate. The Minster of Economic Affairs, Hammad Azhar, suggests that the number of days should be lowered down. He further said, so many holidays are given no where in the world.

Well, lets see who wins the debate becuase no doubt, parenting is tough. But is it actually fair to give this many holidays? You let us know in the comment box.

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