Here Are Some Ways You Can Donate To The Pakistani Flood Victims

The flood situation in Pakistan is worsening day by day, with floods now reaching the Dadu district. Here are some trusted foundations to donate to and help.

Pakistan is in the grip of a human calamity following this season’s catastrophic floods caused by the “giant monsoon” rain wave, which resulted in a shocking number of fatalities and destruction, as well as magnificent collapsed buildings around the nation.

The floods, which have impacted well over 33 million people, or nearly 15% of Pakistan’s inhabitants, have killed an estimated 1,136 people and destroyed innumerable homes since June quoting government sources who said the number of deaths continues to rise on Monday.

Flooding might cause economic damages of at least $10 billion, Pakistan’s Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal told the media on Monday.

But now the flood has reached Dadu district in Sindh, and the situation worsens. On Wednesday, the disastrous floods’ casualties rose to 1,162 as water levels from the north continued to burst banks, affecting over a million people in Sindh’s Dadu region. Approximately 1,941 individuals were hurt and 36 fatalities in the last 24 hours.

Edhi Foundation 

Edhi Foundation Pakistan disaster aid crews have been protecting the people and delivering relief such as prepared meals, emergency ration packs, tent sheets, medical help, and other non-food vital supplies in all flood-affected districts throughout Pakistan. Numerous households, women, and children have nothing but faith and are in critical need of prepared food, dry ration packs, blankets, and medical assistance.

JDC Foundation Pakistan

You may assist by donating here:

Flood victims Pakistan

JDC Foundation Pakistan is a humanitarian and non-profit company that oversees freedom and relief efforts in Sindh.

AlKhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Since 1990, the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has been a non-profit institution devoted to relief efforts. Volunteers and staff from Alkhidmat are still assisting impacted individuals in Pakistan and throughout the globe. Crisis intervention, medical services, schooling, orphan welfare, fresh water, and other social service are among their devoted offerings.

Balochistan Youth Action Committee

In these difficult times, the foundation is devoted to assisting the delicate and underprivileged province of  Balochistan. Here’s the way you can pitch in. For contributions, a list of critical goods has been supplied.

Saylani Welfare International Trust

Saylani Welfare International Trust is a non-governmental organisation that primarily focuses on helping the impoverished and homeless. It has been operating over the previous 22 years to better the situations of the less fortunate, vulnerable, and disabled persons. It is attempting to assist as many disaster victims as possible.

Muslim Aid UK

Muslim Aid is an international NGO committed to improving the lives of others, regardless of their own faith and/or political persuasion. It has started its rapid need assessment in three flood-affected districts in Pakistan.

Indus Hospital and Health Network 

Flood Victims Pakistan

Numerous millions of individuals in Pakistan benefit from free excellent treatment provided by Indus Hospital and Health Network. IHHN is a non-profit medical system that is entirely funded by public contributions. It accepts both financial and in-kind donations.

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