Hira Mani Plans To Dive Into The World Of Youtube

Hira Mani has had a varied career and isn't afraid to spice things up so she has announced to launch a Youtube channel with a surprise.

Mani revealed her major launch channel in a video she released on Instagram on Thursday, increasing anticipation by informing followers she has something huge planned.

“ALERT: A SURPRISE! Visit my Channel on youtube tomorrow and find out! Keep an eye out! Have any of you figured out what the surprise is going to be?” In her caption, Hira asked her fans. She ended with the phrase #HiraManiFantasy, presumably hinting at something for the premiere.

She spoke to the audience and stated that she is full of surprises. “Hira Mani continues to wow her audience: “First I did comedy, then I presented, then I appeared in tearjerking dramatic dramas, and then I got into singing and staged concerts.” I amaze you guys like this, and I’ve got another amazing surprise in store for you: for those of you who have been requesting that I start a YouTube channel, I’ll be opening my own channel tomorrow with a huge surprise. Keep an eye out!”

“Fantasy” may be a crucial component of the surprise, since Mani added the word without explanation to the launch video on her Instagram account.

Fans have already begun to speculate on what Hira Mani is doing these days. They’re also leaving video recommendations in the comments.

Hira debuted in Hollywood as Mani’s new wife, a prominent radio and television personality. Her flair for gab got her talking in guest appearances, and she was soon spotted co-hosting a chand raat programme with her sweetheart. Then came the Hum 2 Hamara Show, and they quickly established themselves as a popular star duo on the Hira Mani Show.

The presenter then transitioned to acting in 2015, landing her first Momina Duraid series, Preet Na Kariyo Koi, opposite Ahsan Khan.

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