‘Robotics Activity Day’: a fun and interactive session hosted by e-Magine

e-Magine hosted a special educational event titled 'Robotics Activity Day'.

On the 25th of May 2022, e-Magine, a Karachi based youth training and development startup hosted a STEAM education show case event. The event featured a limited number of students of different ages, certain members of the business community, as well as a few school heads. All of whom had come together in a rather relaxed and informal setting to get to know each other while working on different robotic models. They were treated with great hospitality through the provision of scrumptious snacks and drinks provided by our food and beverage partners.

While the event was titled as a ‘Robotics Activity Day’; the evening, however, just did not consist of working with robots alone. Of course, while that was the focal point of it all; the team used this gathering as an opportunity to highlight what e-Magine is really about.

Introducing kids to the world of robotics.

We aim to create a close-knit community that seeks to create a highly dynamic and inclusive environment, in which children and adults alike are encouraged to think outside the box, look beyond their fears, and #DARETOEMAGINE, as they come up with innovative and practical solutions to real world problems. Thus, helping them realize their true potential.

This very spirit of camaraderie was rather evident during the course of the event. Designed in more of an open house set up, the whole aim of the event was to provide a highly engaging and an extremely hands-on learning experience for those present. They did this by enabling everyone to get a feel of some of their safe and easy to use robotic kits by which they can design models in small groups. The aim was to help introduce them to the world of STEAM and inculcate into them the value of teamwork.

Kids were given the chance to explore their creativity.

Countless big organizations took part in the event to make it a massive success. They include the likes of Viper Technology, Runway Pakistan, Bombay Bhel, Shakarganj Food Products, Vital Café, Daisy Donuts, Biz Today, Billboard Pakistan, Zaavia Solutions, EMA Enterprises, and PR Stargazers.

In addition, countless big names and major dignitaries had also attended the event. These include Mrs. Mehreen Humza Tabani (the owner and lead designer at Allure by MHT), Mrs. Totuiaev Ulanbek (the wife of H.E Totuiaev Ulanbek – the ambassador of Kyrgyzstan), Mr. Abdullah Akhtar (the owner of Schole International Academy), Mr. Arie Poluzzi (a member of the Indonesian Council, Karachi) Mr. Ghayas Ahmedani (the CEO of Zavia Solutions), Mr. Razzak Pardesi (the founder & CEO of IHRI), Mr. Syed Tariq Shah (the chairman of the All Private Schools Management Association Sindh), Mrs. Javeria Irfan (a prominent and well renowned influencer), and many other distinguished members of the local business and education community.

Parents and kids taking part in the learning activity.

Through this event, we seek to promote a practical learning method as compared to the age old theoretical and rote learning methods. This enables our youth to not only build upon their teamworking and networking skills but also, hone other highly critical skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.

However, while none of these goals can be fulfilled overnight; the commencement of discussions on potential SOS action plans that can be used to enhance our local education system, made it quite clear that the meeting was certainly a fun and productive one.

Moreover, to bring a close to the day’s proceedings, the evening was wrapped up by the distribution of certificates to the participants as means of acknowledging their efforts. The certificates were given by the CEO of e-Magine, Ms. Huda Garib.

The CEO of e-Magine, Huda Garib (on the right), with the owner of Bombay Bhel.

What was heartwarming to see was the dedication by which many had decided to take part in the event. Thus, showcasing the will and determination of the people who aspire to bring a change in the education system of the country.

According to Ms. Garib herself, “the aim of this day was not just to highlight the efforts of a single individual or to take the ideology of robots lightly; but also, to provide growth opportunities for us all. After all, it is our collective efforts combined across borders with a strong willingness to learn, that will enable us to tackle the problems really effectively, that our planet is facing today, regardless of how small or big they may be.”

She further went on to say, “regardless of the position you hold – be it a school owner, an educationist, a student, a parent, a social media enthusiast, a member from the corporate sector, and / or are part of any other vertical in our society; remember, you are never too small to make a difference! In fact, with your support, we look forward to Inshallah conducting such initiatives nationwide at a much larger scale. Thus, we urge you to please step forward and be a part of the e-Magine Community!”

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