HOME 1947 – In Remembrance of Partition

Two-time Oscar winning and acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy reflects on the largest mass migration ever witnessed, which took place exactly 70 years ago this year through an immersive installation titled, HOME 1947 at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Home 1947 puts a human face on history, asking what it means to find and feel at home. It shows us this world not through the words of historians and politicians, but through the eyes of those who lived through it.

“The idea is anybody that walks through the exhibit feels what those families felt when they left their homes in 1947. Their sense of journey, the goodbyes they did and the things they took with them. And how their new homes embraced them.” shared Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.

Home 1947 is on exhibition till the 20th January 2018 now. 12,000+ visitors have experienced the installation since December already. If you have not been there yet, do visit and be a part of a memorable experience.

Venue : 2nd Floor, Dolmen Mall Clifton.

Timings : 11am-9pm weekdays and 11am-11pm this final Saturday.