How Urwa Zubair is Paving the Way for Women in the Film Industry?

For women who are attempting to forge their own paths, Urwa serves as an embodiment of hope. She has always had a good eye for storylines and production.

Can women make good films?

This age-old question has persisted in a male-dominated industry, often overlooking female filmmakers. 
However, Urwa Zubair is answering that question in style. How? We will take a look at that and much more in today’s article.

Who is Urwa Zubair?

As a Pakistani-born US immigrant and Los Angeles-based filmmaker, Urwa Zubair, always had a keen eye for producing and storytelling. In fact, from a very young age, she was making up stories in her head, and connecting with people. A trait that she made a career out of!

Belonging to a military family, Urwa had discipline instilled in her from the very beginning. Her military background paved way to travel & live in different cities, and eventually to US as a child.

During her visit to the US at the age of 11, Urwa experienced a life-altering moment, which she recounts in an interview with The Cosmophage:

I don’t remember saying this, but my parents recall that I told them “When I grow up, I’ll come back and live in this city”. Upon being asked why, my answer was somewhere along the lines of “I like being a girl here”. 

But why filmmaking?


As a child, Urwa debated between choosing a career in filmmaking or attending air school. While both of those fields represented expressions of freedom, she found her calling in cinema as she believed it was a way to bring the world together by witnessing & sharing experiences and stories.

So, did she give up on her dream to fly?

No, she still aims to pursue her flying license and hopes to obtain it one day!

What sets Urwa apart from other filmmakers?

Urwa Zubair, a 30-year-old Pakistani producer, is not your typical filmmaker. She is making a significant impact in the commercial industry and takes pride in showcasing diversity, something she believes is often lacking in mainstream cinema.

As an Associate Producer, she began her career in the feature film industry and has since contributed to two feature films as well as numerous digital commercials. 

As a filmmaker, she is drawn to using poverty, gender discrimination, and women’s equality in her work to promote acceptance and understanding of other cultures, religions, and generational divides.

For one of her films, the silver cord, she talked about her creative process with the following words:

“I saw a painting in an art exhibition where two women were sitting on a train, their foreheads touching. Everyone thought they were romantically involved. I felt they were the same person – the body and the soul. The film Silver Cord was inspired by this very painting” 

(Zehra Mehak, 2021, p. 2)

What has Urwa achieved so far?

The last three years have been the peak of Urwa’s career. United Airlines, Chase, Target, State Farm, Warner Bros, Paramount, Makers Mark, and Haleon brands such as Flonase, Voltaren, and Excedrin are among her clients.

What’s more impressive is that she has produced 5o plus commercials in that timeline, and has worked with artists such as John Leguizamo, Icona Pop, Kellee Edwards, and Elnaaz Norouzi.

And, she is not stopping any time soon, with few more A list celebrities waiting in the wings for Urwa to work her magic, it’s only a matter of time before we are talking about Urwa again.

Awards and Accolades:

Not only has Urwa been making headlines with her commercials and short films, but she has also been quite active in winning awards.

This Pakistani filmmaker has earned 30+ awards and 50+ nominations for her work in the film industry. A feat, only few can dream of!

Not only that, one of her clients liked her work so much that they submitted her recent commercial for Flonase at the Cannes film festival. 

What’s next for Urwa?

Despite her accomplishments, Urwa is not done yet. Her next project “BANI” is coming our way very soon!

Bani is a comedy-drama that aims to highlight the difference in the gender and generational gap and makes an attempt at bridging it. Additionally, Urwa hopes to erase misconceptions about cultural and traditional practices of Eastern cultures with this film. 

The story revolves around three sisters, who are held back by societal norms, but they challenge that and end up dictating their own stories. Amidst the chaos, they realize that they have sacrificed a part of their childhood—a loss that can never be regained.

“BANI” also explores the pressures men face in finding a secure career and how they often give up their aspirations to secure a better future for their families.

This coming-of-age comedic drama will be aired in both the US and Pakistan, with funding sourced from Hollywood and Pakistan and execution in Pakistan. The content’s finishing touches are being handled by Urwa and other South Asian film producers who live and work in America.

Final thoughts: 

Urwa is a beacon of light for women that are trying to carve their path. Given how unreal it is what she has achieved in the last three years. It shows how much one can achieve with strong discipline and with supportive friends and family.

Now, we would love to hear your thoughts on Urwa’s work and the impact it has had on you. Have you had the pleasure of experiencing any of her films? If so, feel free to share your favorite film and why it resonated with you.

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