India Defends CAA After UN Reaches Court

United Nations Human Rights tried to intervene in the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) issue in India, but India rejected the act.

The Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) has brought a lot of trouble for the Muslims all around India. The issue was highlighted after Muslims were ruled out of Citizen Amendment Bill (CAB). Muslims, being an integral part of India, do want to be a part of the country. Along with legit citizenship. But they have been marginalized due to their religious association. Since December 11, after CAB was passed, Muslims in India have been fighting for their rights. Muslims strategically conducted peaceful sit-ins all over New Delhi. But the Hindus, kind of, didn’t accepted it and BJP told Muslims to end such sit-in or face consequences.

Well, they chose facing consequences. Mosques kept burning in the city while Muslims were being killed mercilessly. And the number of women who were being harassed is still unknown. To top it all, the whole of the scenario kept happening under Police’s supervision.


Muslims, taking their last resort, filed a case in the Supreme Court against CAA. The Muslims are basically fighting all the fanatical Hindus in India, right now. Now, UNHCR wants their mediation in the matter. Why? So that they can solve the issue as soon as possible. However, the Indian Supreme Court has other views about it. They rejected the offer. ISC was found saying that it is an Internal matter and should be solved that way.

However, the matter doesn’t seems like it is solving at the moment. More than 100 Muslims have been killed and many more are injured in the riots that took place. There is no protection for any of the Muslims in India, who are only looking forward towards peace.

Hence, the matter demands a foreign interference. Without it, we can;’t see the matter solving anytime soon.

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